Millard Public Schools Foundation

The Millard Public Schools Foundation works to provide programs that bring educational opportunities to Millard students. Their success is measured in the number of students they can help with the quality of programs and services provided. These programs are fueled by dedicated staff, caring volunteers and generous donors.

To celebrate their 2021 graduating seniors who were awarded scholarships through the foundation, they wanted to go above and beyond with a special event entitled 'Into The Future.' The event was held at ACX Cinema 12 in association with Omaha's premiere event coordinator, STEP Group Inc. As part of this special event, they wanted to create a short feature presentation that was in the same vein as the classic "Back To The Future" movie franchise. We were honored to be involved!

Our team developed the concept and script. Then we had a full day of production at various locations with some of the honored students as our actors. The end result is what you see here and it was premiered on the Dolby Atmos screen at ACX Cinema 12 the night of the event.

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