The Refuge At Landmark

The Refuge at Landmark is a new indoor + outdoor home decor retail space at the amazing Landmark Nursery and Landscaping. The team at Landmark took their vision for this new space and brought it to life with expert execution. Our mission was to match that vision and execution to develop all facets of the brand identity.

We worked in close collaboration to fully understand what Landmark wanted to create in this space and how they wanted to represent the brand both inside and outside of this space, within the community and the demographics they were targeting. With this knowledge secured, we developed the website, brand identity + emotion, logos, in-store print assets, labeling, and also set-up and manage all aspects of their social and digital platforms and channels. We are lucky to work at such an amazing and beautiful space that inspires every time we step inside. If you're in the Lincoln, Ne area, we highly suggest that you take in the experience that is The Refuge at Landmark!

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